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Summer of Nintendo

E3 news was super exciting this week! I actually liked the Microsoft announcement of Kinect games, though yeah, it did seem a little TOO Kinect-heavy. It looked good but I guess there was nothing to super "wow" me. Nintendo just blew me away, though!

They finally got the 3DS shop open! And the Internet browser works now! And the free Pokedex and 3D Excitebike downloads, and some of my all-time Game Boy favorites like Alleyway, Super Mario Land, and Link's Awakening... Link's Awakening was just so awesome and still fun today. That title screen sequence hasn't lost its charm!

I'm excited about the new Nintendo console, the Wii-U. I can see lots of potential for this, but I just hope developers go out of their way to make things intuitive, what with all the different combinations available. This is actually how I've long imagined a stronger DS-to-Wii interface... touch screen controls with motion control. I wonder if they'll allow the 3DS to serve as an extra controller, as well?

And all the 3DS stuff looked amazing! Mario Kart, Star Fox, Super Mario, Zelda... They didn't talk about Pokemon or Animal Crossing during the press conference, but at least they did have something to show for Animal Crossing. It's sort of the same game as before, but I saw enough in the trailer to get really excited for this game. Can't wait!! This is going to be a strong Nintendo year.

Not much else going on. Work seems to be winding down a bit. It's getting to that point where it's so hot outside, it's tough to work up the energy for anything. Seems hotter than this time last year!
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