Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Last night I dreamt a friend and I took two tests to apply for a sort of Starfleet Academy, or something like that. It was a really big deal, and the tests would be difficult, but we were confident we were ready for it. After taking the tests and waiting to get the results, it felt almost like taking the driver's license exam, except a lot more important.

I got my results from a lady behind a desk, and she just smiled and said, "Don't feel bad, nobody passes the first time," and my heart just sank right there. I just thought to myself, "That can't be... I was so confident that I did really well..." One test had a horrible score of like 64, and the other one, which I felt I did AWESOME on, was 84 when 85 was the bare minimum needed to pass. I just kept looking over what I wrote down for the test and just realized... I guess what I thought was awesome really wasn't so awesome after all... I still had a hard time absorbing it.

My friend didn't make it either. We were extremely depressed and disappointed. And that was that.

Hoping June will go a little more smoothly than May did. I saw a cool-looking black dragonfly around the yard, and it reminded me that I'd like to do a water feature, even if it's a small one to start. It might draw more dragonflies and birds to the yard, and a small feature should be relatively easy to install in maybe a day or two...
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