Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

You get that lawn I sent ya

Last year when I first moved in here, I had trouble keeping up with my lawn. I didn't have the right size lawnmower I needed to take proper care of things, and with all the expenses of moving and such, I didn't have enough to buy one right away. So things got overgrown and I kept getting notices from the city that someone was reporting me for my lawn.

One day I saw one of those notices on the front door, just after I had tried mowing things with the riding mower that the previous owners left with the house (as part of the sale), so I went out with a pair of hedge shears and tried cutting things by hand, while I was super deadly sick with something. My neighbors (likely the ones that reported me in the first place) saw me and took pity on me and offered to help.

So they helped get things in check, and the week after I was able to buy that push mower I needed, and things were good. My yard has never been the best one in the neighborhood, but no more 2-foot-tall weeds or stuff like that.

So yesterday, I was planning to go out and do more work on the yard, since it's a long weekend. But before I could do anything, I got a knock at the door... I didn't feel like answering, but the guy wasn't going away. I couldn't really recognize him, or see anything in his hands, but he wasn't moving. Eventually I opened up and saw it was one of the neighbors from last year. Not my next-door neighbor, but HIS next-door neighbor. Although he's technically two doors down, with the way the streets are on this block, he feels more "around the corner." So I never see him, I can't see his yard from my house, nothing like that. I only see him when he visits the guy next to me.

He's just being friendly and says "So what do we need to do to help you with your yard?" and I was just flustered because I just thought... Wait... I know my yard isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than last year. Then he kept insisting on sending some guys over to take care of my yard, and he said he'd pay them for me. He kept insisting and wouldn't leave and I just figured accepting to make him happy would be easier than a confrontation.

I thought it was just to take care of the front yard, which is what the whole neighborhood sees. But they took care of the backyard, too, which I thought would be a little more private. BUT NOPE I GUESS NOT. He really shouldn't be able to see my yard from his house, but maybe he just spends a lot of time with the guy next door. And when I thought back, he did say that he got an estimate from the yard guys for "a lot this size" and he wondered why he hadn't seen my riding mower being used lately. This guy seriously keeps tabs on me and my lawn.

I was taking care of my backyard too, but I did leave some parts of it untouched because I wanted to provide some cover for the rabbits that come around here. But I guess that's all gone now. So long, bunnies.

It's just all weird. I feel horrible. I know I should appreciate it that a neighbor wants to help out another and even pay for it. I should be glad that it's not like how it was in New Mexico, where the only harassment we got was from the Homeowner's Association to pay fines for crap. And I know my yard isn't the best-looking one around, but I'm seriously working on it! It could always look better but I'm satisfied with how it was.

And when the lawn guys took over, they did a good job, but they didn't do anything I wasn't already doing. They had better tools, were faster, and did a better job overall... But they mowed and trimmed things just the same way I did. They didn't do anything like remove weeds... they just mowed them over so they'd grow back and just get mowed down again later. That was actually one of the complaints the neighbor had, that the guy next to me was dealing with my weeds spreading into his yard. This doesn't really take care of the problem, does it?

I just feel awful. My house isn't my house. It's EVERYONE'S apparently. I'm just waiting for the day someone comes over and says, "Hey neighbor, any reason you haven't painted recently?" or "Say, haven't had a chance to go clothes shopping in a while, have you?" I thought I would get more privacy here, but... I was thinking I would stay in this house for years, probably decades, but now I'm re-considering any super long-term projects.

I don't think all people here are like that. When they first came over last year, the first thing they did was admit they were lawn freaks. They were super competitive with their own lawns and had a sort of lawn rivalry with each other. I guess I'm not living up to their standards. I recognize it could be better, but it's not horrible, and I like it how it is...

I just want to be left alone so badly. I'll have to just step it up and mow more often, I guess. And I REALLY want some privacy in my backyard, so I think I'll try growing a wall of bamboo. I really miss the bamboo I had in New Mexico, so I think this will be really nice.

SO SUPER AWFUL. I didn't feel like doing anything yesterday and I don't feel like doing anything today. Just nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
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