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We had a little weather scare here today! Of course there's been tornadoes here and there lately... I heard about the horrible situation in Joplin, MO and it kinda hit home because I've passed through there quite a few times, and I guess disaster seems more real when you can picture the place it's affecting. Today I heard about some tornadoes in Oklahoma and started wondering if they'd reach us down here in Northern Texas...

And sure enough, we had some tornado warnings in my area! It was pretty strange. We didn't actually get hit, but it was still enough to sound the tornado siren. People were milling about outside, which I don't usually see unless they're mowing their lawn. Even the bunnies were sitting out there in the middle of the backyard, with this odd look to them... It's that same cautious look they get when they're afraid a predator is nearby, except there was nothing visible in their vicinity. And once again, everything looked a bit yellow outside. The last time it was yellow, nothing happened, but I saw some people say that it gets like that when a tornado's near...

So yeah, ultimately nothing happened, but it was a weird situation to go through. I started wondering, man, what do I do? Where do I go? Curse Texas homes and their lack of basements! Do I have to hide out somewhere now, or can I keep watching TV for more alerts?

I guess I'm lucky I don't have a pet or anyone else living with me. And my folks live far enough away that they weren't in danger. But what would've happened if my house got destroyed?

Well, anyway, that was my interesting day. Don't really feel like getting back to work, though...
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