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It feels like I haven't been going out much lately. We've been having stretches of several days of decent weather broken up with a couple days of thunderstorms. Last time, we had a thunderclap that seemed to shake the walls of the house! And looks like we're due for more soon.

After much binging, it looks like I'm just about caught up with One Piece! When I checked before, the official Funimation site wasn't working, but it appears to be up now. And wow, they really do keep current with the Japanese episodes. When did Funimation get so awesome? I've also tried reading translations of the Japanese manga chapters, too... It makes me think back to the days I first started reading One Piece, back when the English Shonen Jump just came out. I had a subscription with them from the beginning. That was quite a while ago...

I've been getting back into Pokemon again, trying to breed some Pokemon for a team. I picked up where I left off and managed to breed one with the moves, ability, nature, and stats I wanted. EV training it reminded me of the last time I put in this much effort, back in Diamond and Pearl. Not sure if I'll ever really battle many people, but there's the in-game Battle Subway, and I could beat the Elite Four a few more times to be able to afford all the TMs...

But now I'm kinda not sure what other Pokemon I want to train! I've thought about Pokemon I liked before, but never got around to raising (like Scizor). And there are old Pokemon with new tricks to them, like the Dream World Pokemon (Vulpix with Drought??). But I feel like I should also try some of the new Pokemon... And while I've had fun with them in the main game, I don't know if I want to raise any of them for a "team" team. Like, I loved my Krookodile for destroying most of the Elite Four, but would I want to battle other players with it?

Not too much else going on lately. I have been amused by politics in the past week or so, though... It's kind of refreshing that, after years of infuriating debates over issues that should not be issues, the past couple of weeks have been filled with stories that make me sit back and laugh, "Ha ha! You losers." I don't have much hope for politics getting any less stupid in my lifetime, so all you can do sometimes is laugh about it.
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