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Kinda lost some motivation to play more Pokemon lately. There's still more I want to do, but a couple of days ago, I lost my steam...

The DS Lite I had been playing it on finally broke! It's that common thing where the hinge on the DS Lite cracks. It still worked fine for playing games, but I no longer felt comfortable holding it, as if doing so would eventually deal it some real damage... And it's weird, but it felt like my DS died that day. Like I said, it still worked -- it could power on and play games fine. But it just felt like the end of the road, somehow, and I didn't feel like playing anything on it anymore.

I know it's not a big deal. I have other ways to keep playing, and I was able to send it in for repairs (though the warranty expired so I'll have to pay for it). Still, it somehow felt like a part of the family died! I guess I'd feel the same way if my car were to break down. And even though it could be replaced with another DS, it still feels like that particular one was special to me. Somehow I felt more attached to that than my old handhelds, even the old DS system! I guess I played a lot of games on it and had a lot of memories with this one...

Anyway, hopefully it will be repaired soon. If it can't be fixed for some reason, I'd like to get it back...

I guess in place of Pokemon, I've been going even more crazy on One Piece. Got through Thriller Bark and the Archipelago! I'm really impressed with how the series seems to be getting better and better, rather than winding down. Sometimes I really wonder how far in advance the author had to plan some of these things... At the point I'm at, it really seems to be getting simultaneously more hilarious and more serious all at the same time!

Not too much else going on... Last week was weird because of the storms, and the cold weather that followed. But now it seems to be back to how it was before. There's more yard work to do, but...
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