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Kinda went crazy with the One Piece lately and managed to watch to around the end of the CP9 Saga. Awesome!

With Pokemon, I'm about to hit the 10,000 Dream Points mark in Dream World. So that should make all items and Pokemon available to me, for the time being at least. I've also been keeping myself busy breeding some Dream World Pokemon. Got surprisingly lucky with some of the stats! Also been doing the Battle Subway a bit, though I got killed in the Super Single Line. Still, I seem to be able to handle the regular Single Line with little problem, so I've been trying to purchase a few of the special items there...

I actually managed to StreetPass some people with my 3DS over the weekend!! So I finally got more puzzle pieces in StreetPass Mii Plaza, and more people filling my screen in Find Mii. I also got tags for SSF43D and Nintendogs + Cats! Maybe I should hang around the mall more often to try to get more tags, but walking around the mall isn't as fun as it used to be, somehow...

Yesterday my mother called me up saying that she met someone who was expecting a litter of shih tzu puppies and wanted to know if we'd like one for free. I'd been thinking about getting a puppy again lately, so I was considering it... But then my mother found out that the father wasn't known, so the puppies could be mixed. I thought that was fine (they could even be healthier than a purebred!), but it didn't sit right with her so she declined in the end. But now she's looking at ads for purebreds...

Keep in mind this would be my puppy, yet she seems to be the one picking it out! I guess because my step-father probably wouldn't be happy with them getting a new dog, but my mother wants to play with one part-time anyway. I should say, "Take care of your own pets, dammit," but I've been kind of wanting to get a dog again anyway... However, now I'm wondering again if I'm really prepared and if I can afford it right now. I should probably do more research into breeds and hold off on it for now...
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