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Quiet Lately

Things haven't been too bad lately! Nothing too exciting's been going on, but I suppose that's not a bad thing. Still haven't been feeling very inspired about things to cook lately, but I have been trying to eat things that are less usual for me.

For whatever reason, a couple weeks ago I felt like catching up with One Piece again. I more or less figured out the last episode I stopped on (somewhere in Alabasta) and have been steadily working on it. And now I think I finally finished the last filler arc in the anime before the last arc I started reading in the manga (Water 7 I think?). The last time I read One Piece scanslations, I was back in college... It's really been a while!

Last week I got a Kinect for my 360. I had been thinking about it for a while, but finally picked one up when I saw the world record attempt with Kinect Sports. It's been a lot of fun!! I was always a supporter of the Nintendo Wii, but when I started playing Kinect, it felt like it took the concept of the Wii to the next level... It seriously worked almost flawlessly and was really enjoyable. It still feels like motion controls can never replace traditional controls for more "serious" games, but I still had a blast with it... The pack-in game, Kinect Adventures, was really fun! It had a real Disney-esque feel to it and seemed to do a great job of showing what the Kinect could do. Will try picking up more Kinect games in the future...

Also, I guess I forgot to mention, but I got a Nintendo 3DS when it came out. There haven't been a lot of games for it yet, but I've really been enjoying it! The 3D effect was really unbelievable to see in action. The first few moments, you're just staring at it, thinking it's kind of unreal... The things I enjoyed the most were the augmented reality games, AR Games and Face Raiders. They displayed an incredible amount of potential and I really hope they do a full game with AR!! Also, lately, I've been trying to play Find Mii... It's frustrating that I haven't been able to find other 3DS players to StreetPass with yet, though. Guess I need to get out more...

Super Street Fighter 4 3D was a neat little game. It seemed to play identically to the full console versions... Pilotwings was fun and the 3D was particularly nice! Nintendogs + Cats seemed like more of the same of the DS game, but was still neat to play with a little. The StreetPass feature seems well-implemented in this game, though! Apparently the people you pass actually stick around in your game to interact with again later?

Anyway, it seems like the 3DS still has some maturing to do, but I'm both enjoying what it has going for it now as well as the potential it seems to hold. I've also had fun taking a few 3D photos, and even got a few of the bunnies in my yard! Wish it were easier to share these photos, though. But in general, I'm really happy with my 3DS so far!

Been playing a lot of Pokemon White lately! There was a bit of a lull for me for a while, but then the Pokemon Dream World website opened up and I've been getting back into it again. It's understandable that it has so many limits on it, like only being able to play an hour at a time, and only once every 24 hours... But it doesn't make those limitations any less annoying! But I've still been having a lot of fun trading and growing berries and trying to get Pokemon with special abilities.

One thing that really annoys me about Dream World, though, is the friend system! Nintendo in general is usually all about letting you play with friends and all, but suddenly you get to Pokemon Dream World and it makes you connect to strangers and almost impossible to meet your friends. Maybe they're trying to prevent cheating? But how...? Somehow, though, one of my friends actually DID manage to find me, against all odds! Still trying to get our other friend, though, and that's not going as well...

Also been trying to read up on more of the new things in Pokemon... Before Black and White came out, I tried to keep myself sort of in the dark about it so it'd be more of a surprise when I finally got to play it. But now I'm finding competitive battlers have been chewing over all this info for months and months and it all seems pretty crazy!! I was never a real competitive battler, but still found it fun to think about... It looks like I have a lot to catch up on, though.
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