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Haven't been feeling very good lately. My sleep schedule has gotten unusual and unpredictable lately, and it's been hard to focus my interest on things. I sort of dropped the games I was playing regularly. Cooking hasn't piqued my interest lately. I was working on gardening for a bit as well, but now I seem to be losing steam even there.

Things in general have seemed more disagreeable to me lately. I had little patience for April Fools' Day. And when that "Friday" song first came out, I joined everyone in being amused by it for a day, but it somehow felt like it got very old very quickly.

Maybe it's just stress from fretting over things like Japan, and the current mess in the US government? Work isn't particularly bad right now. I'm not really sure what the cause of it is.

I have been trying to shift my attention to other things... I haven't watched a lot of anime lately, so I tried getting into some more recent things like "Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?" Earlier this week, my folks needed help moving a stone bench, and they suggested I have dinner and spend the night over there, so I did. And it did seem like a fun diversion, even though I see them all the time... Maybe it was just the change of pace?

In Kore wa Zombie, there is a character who's immortal but longs for death. When he gained his immortality, the world lost all its color to him. I used to be able to sympathize, thinking, everything has to die eventually, right? It's just a necessary part of life; it's the way things are. But lately I've started to think, would it be so bad to live forever, even if nothing could make you happy ever again? That in itself seems like it could be interesting in its own way.
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