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Been making some progress working on the yard, bit by bit. The shantung maple and Japanese maple I planted last month are looking great! The leaves have come out and they're really looking nice. It seems crazy, but the shantung looks like it's already grown a couple of inches! That would match with its estimated growth rate of 2-5 feet per year, but I didn't expect progress like this in the first year it was planted...

I ordered an Autumn flowering cherry tree online. I was wondering how a mail order tree would turn out... It didn't look awesome, and is really skinny, but I only planted it a couple days ago so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it does.

Bought some azaleas and hoping to plant them soon. Been slacking on it because of the digging I've done for other things... Digging here is terrible due to all the rocks in the ground. But I'm hoping that once I have more bushes and shrubs in the yard, the rabbits will feel more comfortable. I've seen them hopping around a lot lately!

Planted some holly along the fence, hoping to grow a hedge... Wanted to plant six but could only get through three.

Been going Pokemon crazy lately! Pokemon Black and White are simply amazing. I guess they don't add so much to the gameplay like previous generations have, but the presentation is just astounding. It gets really epic by the end! I feel like they've improved so many little things, they almost seem like perfect Pokemon games.

So tired...
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