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It's been more than a week since the earthquake in Japan, but I didn't really feel like posting for a while. It's still dominating the news, and I guess after a while it's possible to feel "news fatigue" or to just naturally let it slip from the forefront of your mind. But it also feels easy to remember how massive a tragedy it was and wonder how long it will take Japan to recover.

It seems silly, but once I heard news of the quake, I looked at my surroundings and thought about all the ways my life was touched by Japan. My electronics, pop culture items, food, my backyard... What also seemed silly was how it reminded me of the one time I was in an earthquake in California. It couldn't come close to comparing, of course -- it was a really small one that did no damage, but was just strong enough to be felt. I just remembered the shock that came from it, because it comes out of nowhere with no warning. The only thing I could compare it to was getting rear-ended in my car. It's like you're suddenly slapped across the face and it takes a few moments to assess the situation.

I was hoping to visit Japan sometime, but had no real plans. Now I'm wondering when something like that will be possible again...

Every day since then, it's felt weird to think about normal everyday things. "Oh, what should I eat today?" and "I want to play this video game..." But at the same time, it's not like worrying about it will actually do any good.

As incredible as the earthquake itself was, and the tsunami that followed, the nuclear situation in Fukushima was really frightening. It really seemed like one of those things that could just change our world as we knew it. I know, people in the US were overreacting when they started freaking out and hoarding iodine... But if something had gone wrong in Japan, in their already devastated state, I'm not sure what would've happened. It was a genuine relief to see they had started accepting help dealing with the situation and started working on restoring power.

It still feels weird to think about normal things. But I guess unless you're there, in a real position to help, there's not a lot you can do besides trying to contribute and remaining sensitive.

Here, it's springtime. So I've been spending time with the folks, and we're trying to spruce up our gardens a bit. It feels a bit odd since I didn't touch my yard at all last year, and now suddenly there are new plants and things. I do want to aim for a Japanese-style garden like my last one. With just a few more plants, and a new bench, it's already feeling a bit more like home...

Also, been distracting myself with Pokemon Black/White. I have to give them credit, as this game really did rekindle a sort of feeling I haven't really had since the original Pokemon games. Despite how similar it is to the old games, there is definitely a big sense of the new, unfamiliar, and exciting. I feel like I haven't been this into a Pokemon game in a long time.

Things could be better, but they're slowly moving forward.
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