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Been making small progress on things! Since it got warm for a while, I started doing some minor gardening. Still working on how I want the backyard to look overall, but I'm starting out with small spots.

Also, finally got around to taking care of the floor in the living room. It was this weird painted cement floor, which might look cool in a restaurant or something, but was very strange as a living room and just didn't feel very comfortable. It was a different elevation from everything and of course was always cold and just felt like a painted-up warehouse floor. I guess the one thing is... it's very easy to clean...? But at any rate, I finally had carpet put in there, and it's really nice and fuzzy and amazing. I didn't think just getting carpet would change the feel of the room so much, but it really feels like home now!

So yeah, after not being able to do much last year, I feel like I'm really starting to make small progress this year. Guess I just need to keep building on it, a little at a time!

Lately I've just been playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Dead Rising 2. I was never an expert at MvC2, but it seems like what experience I did have is not helping too much in MvC3! I'm having a lot of fun but still sucking pretty bad. My team isn't looking anything like what I thought it would! I ended up having trouble with the characters I liked and ended up liking characters I wasn't originally interested in. It feels like there is a ton of variety in the roster, and I just need to keep experimenting and playing around.

Also been watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! After seeing it often enough on Comedy Central on Mondays, I ended up getting the DVDs. May be one of my better purchases in a while.

Today I finally gathered up all the forms I needed to file and submit my income tax returns. Yes! I had started it earlier, but was missing one last form I needed. Feel good to get that done... I think my refund last year was mostly spent on trying to get the old house in good enough shape to sell. But hey, I think it really worked, with how quickly it went! At least I won't have to worry about that this year.

Slowly, slowly getting things done.
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