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2010 was a rough year, but I think at least things moved in the right direction. I got a New Year's e-mail from my old Realtor in NM, who said the market was getting pretty tough, and I seem to have picked a great time to move. And I do like it a lot in my new place, although it's been extremely slow making progress... But overall, not too bad, I guess?

At least the new year got off to a pretty good start! Shelby is visiting and we tried driving over to the L & L Hawaiian BBQ in Plano. Pretty long drive, but it was so worth it! It had Hawaiian food just like I remembered, and the atmosphere was complete with Hawaiian music and everything. We also happened to stumble upon a ukelele group that was meeting up there!!

We ate some food there and got some to go... Chicken katsu and curry, loco moco, pork laulau and kalua pork, and of course spam musubi!!

Wish there were a closer location, but I'll still have to make some trips out there every once in a while...
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