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Month of McRibs

Not only did the McRib return this month, and not only did they arrive early in my area, but I even managed to get FREE McRibs!

Sometime in the past couple years, I wrote a letter to McDonald's, asking why the McRib hadn't returned in New Mexico. We had them for a few of the "farewell tours" and so I expected them to return, but they didn't. And hey! Now that they're officially back for a while, they actually SENT ME A LETTER with two coupons for free McRibs!!

This was a neat surprise. Now if only they could come back as a permanent menu item... But if they at least come back consistently each year, I'll be happy. This has been a fantastic McRibby month so far.

It's more than I can say for one of my local movie theaters. I went to see Megamind 3D, and for some reason, there was a narration track playing through the whole thing. Everything that wasn't dialogue was narrated, like, "Minion, his bowl sitting atop a robot, walks over to Megamind. Later, he makes a gesture. They pass a man, who is brown-haired. He is not important later." It even narrated the animation for the Dreamworks logo. "A boy is sitting in the moon. The boy drops his fishing line. He swings the line around, dispersing the clouds around him. The sun rises over a reflective golden lake. Dreamworks SKG."

At first I wondered if it was a gag or something, then I wondered if it was some sort of... something for the visually impaired. "Is there a blind kid in the audience?" I wondered. But everyone could hear it... Whatever the case, it seems it wasn't intentional, as someone from the theater went around handing out cards at the end of the movie to say "Sorry about that narration. We've been having problems with that so we're moving the movie to another theater later." I would've thought it would be a pass to see another movie, or to see the same one again, but it was just for a small or medium drink or popcorn (the ones they won't refill). I guess we should be glad we got anything at all?

Trying to tackle some small projects around the house. I think the room I painted earlier is looking pretty good! Going to try hanging some decorations, then maybe move on to other rooms...
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