Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Shaping Up

Was really stressing over the last-minute business trip, but things are falling into place I guess? Got tickets and a hotel (though I will need to pay for the hotel up front). Over the weekend, guess I need to get some clothes and stuff ready to pack... Also! We just found out that while we're doing the install, we'll be trying to teach it to someone who hasn't yet received training in the software (but will!). So... fun.

Today I finally finished painting the room I started the other weekend! Putting down the painter's tape seemed like more of a workout than the painting itself. It's actually looking pretty nice!

Yesterday I finally bought myself a microwave. I ended up charging it, which I was trying to avoid, but there was a sale at Best Buy and I've been living here for X number of months without one and it's starting to get old. It's finally happening! They should be by to install it next week while I'm on my trip (the folks said they'd take care of it).

Aaand today the neighbors apparently held a wedding in their backyard? So it's been a bit more raucous than usual.

So yeah! Biggest news for this week is I'm returning to the world of microwave owners.
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