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So apparently when someone from the office asks me, "Are you available on these dates?", they aren't asking if I will be free for a teleconference or a remote session (which is what they mean every other time they ask this question). Now it means, "Can you book your own flight to somewhere we haven't told you about yet? Oh, and make sure it is refundable because the dates may be flexible."

I really don't need another flight right now, but guess I have no choice. It's just annoying they waited until a week before the dates (which may or may not evaporate), when ticket prices are highest, and expect me to front $700 I don't have, even if they do plan to reimburse me a few months later. I managed to talk them into booking my flight for me, though, even though they really didn't want to for some reason. But of course I will definitely need to pay for the hotel room up front, and of course they are going to pick the most expensive one around...

And the folks are really giddy about this trip for some reason! They ask me for details I don't have (including when I am leaving and for where). The suggest the impossible (ask the office to change the trip to after my payday -- it already is, and they wouldn't change it if it weren't). And they call me at 8:30 at night and ask "HAVE YOU HAD DINNER YET??" Sorry guys, this trip already has me stressed and you calling me every 10 minutes while I'm trying to de-stress is just making me more stressed.

I don't want to fly. I don't like flying. It doesn't matter if I get reimbursed for everything later because I'm still out on money while I need to pay bills (like the mortgage! Haven't been late yet but this may change now). Ah well, this should just be a minor annoyance and should be done soon...

Except, the whole reason I'm going on this trip is because the guy I'll be meeting there went solo on the last one, and his stay kept getting extended because of issues on the site. So hopefully my presence will help speed things along, but who knows how long we will be stuck there...

Ah well. I guess I've had a lot of experience with stuff like this, so things should go smoothly. Maybe things will go better with two of us there, and we'll both get home faster. This is my hope. Normally I wouldn't mind visiting a strange new place, checking out restaurants and shops, even if I do hate flying to get there. But after all those trips over the summer, I'm just a little worn out right now...


Blah blah blah work trip next week. Need to figure out finances but things are FINE! Don't feel like flying right now but it'll probably be a good trip and I'll feel bad about whining right now.
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