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So last week I was able to square things away, pick up a new lawn mower and weed whacker, and I got my import copy of Pokemon Black! Of course, as soon as I got stuff to take care of the yard, it rained the rest of the weekend.

Pokemon Black is really awesome so far. As usual, the UI has is just newer and slicker than before. It's interesting having nothing but brand new Pokemon available... You still have the archetypes like, "Oh, there's that really common early-game critter" and "There's the flying thing" and "I guess these are the two standard cave Pokemon." But it is nice and fresh, even if I find most of the new designs really weird, even for Pokemon.

Still, this is one of the few times I've managed not to spoil myself on much of anything, so everything is shiny and new. It kinda does bring back the feeling of playing the original games, just wandering around and not knowing what you're going to see next.

Might need to try cleaning up the house a bit more this week...
Tags: games, pokemon
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