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Check out my room

I tried the Microsoft Photosynth thing for the first time today. Basically, it takes tons of photos and tries to stitch them all together into a 3D representation of something (kind of like stitching together a panorama photo out of just 2 or 3 photos). I tried it out on the so-called bonus room of the house, where I was unloading a lot of my junk:

Needs Shelves

You will need Microsoft Silverlight in order to view it. Anyway, yeah... a lot of my games, DVDs, plushes, and random collectible junk ended up here. I currently have ZERO shelves, bookcases, or storage of any sort, so pretty much everything was thrown wherever. It's not my entire collection up here, since I know I have more manga and old-school games out there, but I haven't unpacked everything yet... just most of my things.

As I was unpacking and sorting things out into piles, it struck me how many media formats I had... There were CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, of course. There's also a decent-sized pile of HD-DVDs I picked up on sale for like, $1 each or so. There's even old VHS tapes, cassette tapes, 3.5 floppies, and a small number of Zip disks (boy did that format die quickly, huh?). At least there were no 5.25 floppies or tape backup drives... though I think my step-father has some of those.

Somehow this has felt like the longest weekend ever. I guess usually each day zips away as I focus on a game or watch a ton of movies or do something else that currently has my attention. But this weekend I didn't feel like doing much of anything. At least it feels like I've been recovering from the sleep I missed late in the week...

I have tried to get some things done, though! I spent some time unpacking and organizing things a little. It's tough when you don't have any places to actually put things. And I did a little bit of yard work... Now I see why nobody uses those manual push mowers. It's not so much a case of being lazy, like, "Why use that when you can get one with a motor?" No, the problem is when it gets stuck mowing grass, the very thing it's designed to do. I spend more energy clearing stuff out of the mower than I do actually mowing. So that's something else I'll need $200 for sometime...

At least I was able to trim a little of that overgrown tree on the side of the house... And I still don't have a new printer, so I had to visit the folks to borrow theirs again. I printed up some rebate forms and finally got on my Texas voter registration! I was afraid I'd need a Texas driver's license, but thankfully I don't. I need to get working on that anyway, but it's a bit of a hassle, so I keep putting it off...

So, rebates... voter registration... minimal yardwork... unpacking... Not too bad I guess? There's still tomorrow, though. Normally I'd be glad I have an actual work holiday, since it's one of the, like, six I get per year. But for some reason my first thought is just, "Ugh, another day to try to find something to do..."
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