Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,


This week at work has been a little more stressful than usual somehow. We've had this client who is actually pleasant to deal with, but demanded quite a deal of attention, and the project itself was convoluted and difficult to handle.

And I didn't sleep at all last night -- I mean, really really awake the entire night through. So today's seemed like the longest day ever.

The other week, I took my folks out to dinner a few times. So they offered to take me out to dinner tonight to return the favor. We tried out a new Thai place that was really good! It had a kind of weird atmosphere, and the chicken didn't exactly seem the highest quality, but everything tasted great.

I'm in a weird state right now where I can't sleep even though my eyes are hard to keep open. The usual diversions -- movies, games, Internet -- don't seem interesting right now. Nothing seems like a good idea at the moment.

Maybe this won't persist.
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