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Otakon and other things

It's already been a week since I got back from the Otakon trip? Man.

I flew in early so I could go with everybody to do the Thursday night pre-reg badge pickup. They did a new thing where you could just print out a barcode for the badge pickup, and things went SUPER fast. We really just went in and out. So convenient!

On Friday, the first thing I tried to do was head to the dealer's room. By the time I got there, there was already a huge static line, and I was in the middle of a huge moving line. When I got to the end, there was just a staffer saying the dealer's room was "closed" until 2:00. It was just ridiculous. Of course, the dealer's room wasn't ACTUALLY closed, and it just seemed like he was trying to crush people's spirits so fewer people would get in line to enter. I just hung around and managed to get in about half an hour later or so.

We always seem a little disappointed by the selection in the dealer's room each year, for some reason or another. In previous years, they started carrying fewer and fewer music CDs. This year, there were at least a few places with CDs, but not a huge selection. They had anime CDs, but we couldn't find any video game soundtracks at all! At least I found a few surprises... One place had a Vulpix plush! I've only ever seen two other Vulpix plushes EVER (the American KFC one and the old tiny one) so I had to get it. And a Pokeball-shaped bento "box"!

We had a fire alarm pulled at some point. They just had to herd everybody out of the convention center and onto the street. Madness! We eventually learned it was indeed a false alarm, with no actual fire, but it still took a while for them to get it checked out and let people back in. I don't know if I ever heard what caused it, like whether it was a prank or a malfunction...

Home Made Kazoku was there for the opening ceremonies (I didn't attend, but my friends did) and a concert. We got to go to their concert, and they were really fun!

It seemed like we were always doing something. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet up with all my friends who attended... But I logged a good deal of steps on my Pokewalkers each day (over 11,000 a day). And I tagged with a ton of people on Dragon Quest IX! I had just gotten the game so I was really rushing to try to get to the part where the tag mode opens up.

And the interesting thing... ndoto was also tagging, and actually managed to meet woekitten this way, one of the friends I wasn't able to meet with. So crazy!! Cons really are the best places for tag mode.

So, after getting back home... I've been playing more DQ and really getting into it. ndoto and I have also been trying some co-op Starcraft 2. I've also been trying to take care of things around the house, like finally scheduling someone to look at the broken air conditioner. I also made a second attempt to schedule an appointment for the new TV and Internet provider, and it actually worked this time! But they won't be here until next week. I also tried replacing the sprinklers I broke, with mixed success.

It feels like there's so much to do still. This weekend, I think I'm set to look after syerubi's aunt's dog while she's out of town. Also been looking forward to the Scott Pilgrim movie, the same weekend! And maybe someday I will finally get a computer desk...
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