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Things are always happening! I'm just now starting to get back into playing some Xbox online with friends again, after months of moving, living temporarily with the folks, moving again, and entertaining a house guest. And now I need to get ready for a trip to Otakon this week!

Planning to fly in early to meet with my local friends, then head over for early registration pickup Thursday. Then it should be a fun weekend!

There's still so much to do at home, though... This'll be a nice vacation, but it'll also be nice for things to be able to settle down again. There are a lot of small projects at home that need attention. Unpacking, air conditioning, and need trash cans, computer desks, and a weed whacker...


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Jul. 26th, 2010 02:26 pm (UTC)

Anyway! What games do you play live on XBox? Shoi and I are awful at live games but I want to knowww. >D
Jul. 26th, 2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
Oh man! It's too bad you guys weren't able to get a 360 sooner, since it was just announced that 1 vs. 100 was cancelled. It was like... they scheduled games you'd have to log in at certain times to play, and if you were lucky you would be selected to play for prizes! It was just a simple trivia game, but fun to get in groups and play together. No one knows why it was cancelled since it was pretty popular, but they say it's behind-the-scenes stuff that brought it under...

As for just regular online games, uhm... I'm not sure actually! I suck at the flagship Xbox games like Halo and Gears of War. Usually it's just my friend ndoto and me playing co-op through whatever new game is out, like Crackdown 2.

You can check out what games I'm playing here! Normally you need your own Xbox Live account to view another player's profile, but this site gets around it:

What else... Castle Crashers seems like a good popular multiplayer game? But I only just recently broke down and bought it! And there's the perennial favorite Rock Band. I got Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 a short while ago but don't really have others to play with right now. Borderlands was pretty fun multiplayer! But it was hard getting friends together since half of us had the PC version, and that won't let you play with people on the 360 version...

Oh, and a friend convinced us to get Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, which is apparently a Diablo-esque game? But I was still in the middle of moving so I wasn't able to play with them at the time, though I found the game really cheap on Amazon I think.

And of course there's the usual fighting and racing games! Though for a while we were playing Carcassonne quite a bit... There's a lot of interesting games in the online store!
Jul. 26th, 2010 04:13 pm (UTC)
I hope to have one by September. *_____* We also want to play ridiculous zombie games, like Left4Dead~ I ... think that can be multi player? I forget!

Also, do you do WoW? I am putting together some commission samples and am doing some portraits for my two friends, and wanted to see if you would like one done for you. :3
Jul. 26th, 2010 04:39 pm (UTC)
Oh right! Left4Dead is totally multiplayer! My friends were playing the PC versions so I forgot about the 360 ones, but yeah!

Hm... There's also Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 is coming out, but those are single-player... Of course, there's always sort-of zombies in Resident Evil 5, but it's more serious... Crackdown 2 also has sort-of zombies!

And yeah, I play some WoW from time to time! Haha, the one I usually play is a female Draenei Paladin
Jul. 28th, 2010 06:54 am (UTC)
Ahh, as I said on Facebook earlier tonight (And apparently, my comment with the panel suggestion was later eaten? O_o), I am SO envious of you getting to go to Otakon! It always seems like the happenin' place anime-wise on the East Coast! *_*

Anyway... have fun, and give us a report when you get back! :D
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