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So yesterday syerubi went home after a weeks-long visit. We got to watch the house slowly fall apart, see a bunch of movies, and eat tons of food.

A smoke detector in the master bedroom started beeping, indicating a low battery or something. But the ceiling in that room is so high that it's difficult to get to. It started before Shelby arrived, and oddly enough seemed to stop by the time she got here. But a while later it started back up again and I still don't have a ladder high enough to fix it.

Over this past weekend, it appears that one of the air conditioners died. The house came with one that covered the entire upstairs and one for the downstairs. One night it suddenly felt like the upstairs, which had always felt cooler, suddenly felt warmer than downstairs. Instead of the 77 F it was set at, it soon got up to 96 F. It was actually warmer with it ON than it was with it off. So I think I will need to get a new one soon, considering how old it is... Any new model should be a lot more energy efficient too.

And the refrigerator I got from my parents... The freezer doesn't seem to be working so well all the time. No clue on that one. Also, I still haven't gotten a microwave. Oops!

Things watched:

-Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike (fansub)
-Inglourious Basterds
-Iron Man 2 (on a beat-up but still cool IMAX)
-Jennifer's Body
-Black Dynamite
-Gentlemen Broncos
-Killer Bean Forever
-Arrested Development (all of seasons 2 & 3 pretty much in a row)
-Despicable Me
-Inception (on the same beat-up IMAX)
-Shutter Island
-a third of Adventureland
-The IT Crowd (some British show)

Places eaten:

-Chipotle (m favorite burrito place back in MD!)
-Blue Cherry (frozen yogurt, smoothies, crepes, waffles, breakfast sandwiches)
-Texas BBQ Pit (nearby BBQ with awesome sauce)
-Genghis Grill (popping up everywhere... with awesome Princess Pineapple Puff dessert!)
-Which Wich? (AWESOME build-your-own sandwich place)
-Wild Sushi (fancy-looking Japanese-themed dishes and SO GOOD)
-Taco Cabana
-Taco Bueno
-Keg Steakhouse
-Texas Roadhouse (my favorite place for ribs)
-Spring Creek BBQ
-Chicken Express (surprisingly good chicken tenders)

My folks took us to see the Japanese gardens in Ft. Worth, and we visited a Super H Mart in the middle of a huge Korean shopping area TWICE, and last week I took Shelby to visit her aunt who'd just moved down here. We helped her unpack a bit and she treated us to Keg Steakhouse which was so unbelievably classy and awesome delicious!

That "The IT Crowd" show was pretty interesting. The first season seemed a bit on the cheesy side, but it had a lot of details for you to find like little geek toys and T-shirts here and there. The second season seems to be better, too!

And we played a few games... Shelby tried out Final Fantasy 13 for a while, and we tried some Katamari Forever and played Castle Crashers for a little bit.

So it was a lot of fun! I have a lot to get caught up on now though!
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