Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Periodic Update

I feel like I've been neglecting a lot of things since I moved... Things have been on the busy side, though.

Monday night I had to leave for a business trip, and I just returned last night. I guess it was good to see things in person, and it's hard to beat that, but everyone involved (myself included) sort of felt it was kind of a waste of time. The setup was pretty simple, and as long as we get detailed documentation down the line, we should be good...

I'll be having a visitor next week! My new place is still a huge mess, and I haven't even moved all my furniture in yet. Planning to just be lazy and hire some movers to help this weekend... Even after all these weeks, I still don't really feel up to it, and I figure it can never hurt to pass off some strenuous manual labor. If it were easy, I'd do it myself, but...

Even though this house isn't old, a lot of it FEELS old. It's hard to believe there were only a few years of difference between when this house as built and my old place. Like... the bathrooms! At the very least I want to replace the toilets soon. They're old, sometimes malfunction, and are probably not the most efficient models around. Also, at first I wouldn't have expected it, but I really got used to the elongated bowls and it's hard getting used to these standard ones again.

The TV and stuff in the living room are great so far. But I'm not completely satisfied with my cable service... I'm getting cable TV and Internet from the same provider, Charter, and I have issues with both. I'm not 100% happy with my channels and HD channels, and the fact that they gave me a broken set top box was annoying... But I thought, well, that's stuff I can live with, and I can upgrade my cable package and ask them to swap out the box.

The Internet service is great, except -- apparently they block some ports that cripple some functionality of the Windows How Server beta codename Vail install I am trying right now. I'm not sure if there is some way I can get around it, but I figured that combined with all my other annoyances, it may be worth it to switch providers entirely. I discovered another provider, which I wasn't aware actually serviced my area before, so I need to look into that soon too...

So, short-term to-do list:

-switch cable provider
-hire movers
-change toilets

So it feels like it'll take a while to really get settled in... I kinda feel okay as-is, but I know I can't be lazy forever and I need to push forward at some point. Maybe I'm trying to recover from not just the move, but the stress from the past several months before the move... I should be good to start moving again now, though.
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