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Slowly moving in and setting things up. It's nice to have a storage space so I can move things at my leisure, rather than rushing to get everything done in a single day. On the other hand, things are annoying without all my furniture...

But the important things are set up! TV and computer! Somehow I don't seem to get so much gardening done when my mother isn't around, though.

However! Those old chili pepper seeds have finally sprouted! They were years and years old, so I was worried they wouldn't go, but I just saw the first hints of them growing today. I still have the original pepper plant I grew from this batch of seeds, which seems really healthy, but I haven't had many peppers from it recently. So I thought it'd be nice to have extra plants... This was from the set of seeds I grabbed back in Hawaii, from my father's old garden before the house was sold and redone. So it's sort of like one of my last links back home. Plus, the peppers are great for cooking!

As for the TV, I thought this was my best chance to splurge on some really nice speakers I've had my eye on for years. I only had enough for two, but these are the main and most expensive ones, so the other speakers can probably be picked up more easily later. I got them from Amazon, which was convenient, and I even got free shipping, which saved me a ton! On the flip side, it's taking them a while to get here. But I've already waited this long, so...

I also finally got my new washer and dryer. They're LG models with steam cleaning. They seem really great so far! Washing with steam supposedly cuts down on energy and water use, though it seems to take a bit longer. And with the dryer, it feels like it dries things well without even needing those softener dryer sheets I always used to use. But with that purchase, I didn't have a lot of money left for other home projects for the time being...

Ah, and today, I should finally be getting those internal hard drives I ordered a few weeks back. They were on sale, but again, didn't ship out all that quickly... Anyway, I'm planning to convert my old Media Center PC into a Windows Home Server machine (using the 64-bit beta of WHS "Vail") to use as my storage hub. Also planning to rip movies and CDs to it to use in various things like Windows Media Center (with My Movies extension) and XBMC. That may take some time to properly set up though... but at least it'll be convenient to have the server set up now.

So many things to do! But it's all been pretty fun so far.
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