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New House!

So I moved in Saturday morning and have been keeping pretty busy!

Had to get to the house early Saturday because the cable guy was scheduled to be there. And of course he was a little late, so we didn't have to hurry so much after all... I was also expecting a parcel delivery, so I was prepared to wait all day for that, but it actually came right after the cable guy. Nice!

Afterwards I tried to rent something to haul my folks' extra fridge from their place to mine, since I was fridge-less and they said they'd let me borrow it until I buy my own... The guy at the U-Haul place instead offered to help us himself for $50. So he set the appointment for Sunday morning at 7:00.

Then I tried to be even more productive and pick up a washer and dryer, since I was without those as well. I kind of splurged on some high end front-loading steamy ones, but they had a pretty hefty sale (since apparently they were expecting new models). Not to mention they were SO popular that they didn't have any left in stock, so I got an extra 10% off for taking the display models. Whee! They should be delivered here Wednesday.

Sunday morning, we took care of the fridge... Then I went with my folks to pick up a new filter for the fridge and some curtains for the living room. I spent some time trying to unpack and set up my gadgets and doodads, then kinda collapsed and watched Kill Bill 2 for a little bit.

This morning my folks dropped by to deliver some of my plants. Also, the cable people showed up to bury the cable line that had to be installed when the guy was here setting things up on Saturday... AND the roof inspectors showed up. Before I bought the place, some damage was noted, so part of the terms of the sale were to have the roof repaired (even if it would have to take place after the close of the sale, which is the scenario we are looking at now).

It's been so, so busy! Really need a nap now!



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