Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

But yeah! So things are happening.

June 1 - Sign paperwork and finalize deal.
June 5 - Begin moving in?
End of July - Trip to MD for Otakon

There will obviously be a lot of projects I'll want to work on in the new place, but no idea what I'll get started on and when.

Glad to finally have a great working desktop computer, so the next project will be to repurpose an old one for Windows Home Server, to have a central hub for everything on my home network. Already ordered a new hard drive for this purpose!

Currently trying to grow some seeds. I found some leftover chili pepper seeds from my old home in Hawaii... But these are so old. Will they sprout? I'm also trying some holy basil seeds I ordered off Amazon, and some cilantro just for kicks. So far it seems like the cilantro seeds are the first ones to sprout. Just noticed them today!

Today I dropped by the Pokemon VGC Dallas Regionals (actually held in Arlington) just to check it out and download the free shiny Eevee. Glad to be this close! I was in time to see the junior competition, and it reminded me of the simpler days of playing Pokemon, before we all became aware of the underlying stats we study for competitive battling. Everyone was just using dragons and whatever they thought was cool.

TRYING to find some time for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Alan Wake.

Started playing a little bit of WoW again -- just more daily reputation grinding. I realize they've only made stuff like this easier over time, but it still feels like such a chore!

I guess that's about all that's been going on. Always feel so tired every day!
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