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Oh right, I forgot to mention the Nvidia 3D Vision stereoscopic 3D effects. Uhm... I got it set up, and I'm trying to find things compatible with it. It came with a free download of the Avatar PC game (I'd rather have a 3D version of the movie...) and some demos and slideshows. But oh! World of Warcraft already works GREAT with it!! I tried it out briefly and I was really blown away by how great the effect was!

Some of the images of games in the preview slideshow looked kind of like... Okay, this looks like Viewmaster-level stuff. But WoW really looked incredible! You can also tweak the effect a bit, but I didn't try that out yet. It's already getting me more excited about the game, especially the prospect of trying out the new Cataclysm expansion due later this year.

There's a big list of games that work with this stereo 3D, but I doubt I have any of them besides WoW, ahaha. So for me it's kinda limited at the moment, but I can't wait until there are more movies and games that can take advantage of it. It's really fun!
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