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So, things have been happening lately!

Been working on paperwork for the new house, which is exciting. But one of the final things I need is a letter from my office, and yeah, right away I groaned because I knew what a pain it would be. After having a couple days to sit on it, I asked for a status update and all I got in response was "Received your e-mail." So THANKS, all you've done is heard that I need something. What a dynamo! Well, they have another week before they will actually begin to screw me over. Not to mention the people trying to sell their house. And their children. And whoever is selling the house THEY are moving to. Gaaah. I hate my office.

Also! Managed to finally build the new PC I've been meaning to for months, and it's awesome! Unfortunate side-effect: It seems to warm up my room to a noticeable degree. I guess with this kind of humidity, even a slight increase is noticeable. At least the PC itself seems to be running cool enough so far... I had to use an old video card until the one I wanted got back in stock. And I finally got it!! I've been waiting for it for a while (the last time it was in stock was April 19th, and only for a short while). Sure enough, shortly after I bought mine, they were sold back out. So glad I was able to complete the order over my phone's web browser!! So yeah, I will be working on upgrades this weekend.

And another thing! I will be heading to Otakon this year! I had to skip out last year due to some financial issues and stuff. I'm not sure why, but last year was BAD. But yeah, not sure if I will be doing any other traveling this year, but I registered and I have my plane tickets booked! I only missed one year but it feels like forever since I've been.

Man, I have to gripe about this one thing with World of Warcraft. So my account is fine right now, but some months back it was hacked, right? Someone got in, sold all my stuff, yadda yadda. Luckily I caught it pretty quickly (it really was luck since I hadn't been playing for a while), had my account restored, end of story.

But then something happened when I logged in this week! It was just to test my PC to see how WoW would run, even without a newer shinier video card. It ran GREAT, but I noticed a lot of stuff in my mailbox. I had nearly six pages full of mail with TONS of attachments. It all looked like Auction House fodder... gems, ores, crystallized elementals, etc. It was a TON of stuff, and it all came from some player I didn't recognize.

I was about to start unloading it all into my inventory, thinking, "What a lucky day! Tons of free stuff!" But then something dawned on me. What if this player was someone associated with the guy who hacked my account?

So, my thought was... Someone hacked my account. He tells his friends, and they send stuff over to be sold as well. But then control of my account is returned to me, and HE DOESN'T LET HIS FRIENDS KNOW somehow. Then they end up sending stuff back to my character again, not knowing it's back under my rightful control...

I still really wanted to keep the stuff. I STILL don't have stupid epic flying training and, sad as it was, selling those goods would've helped me raise some gold towards it. But then I also wanted to punish anyone that might have been involved with the guy who hacked my account. So I left the stuff alone and sent an e-mail to Blizzard...

I just now got a response, with the usual "We regret we cannot divulge the details of this investigation." But they also cleaned my inbox of everything, which I figured they might. BUT STILL. So none of that stuff was mine and I didn't deserve any of it, and odds are they were probably goods stolen from some other poor sap... BUT COME ON BLIZZARD. These are virtual items! Would it kill you to dupe some freaking saronite ore? After all the crap I've been through...

Ah well. I know none of the stuff was rightfully mine, but I feel a little upset all the same and just feel a little less like playing. It's become too much of a hassle -- I have to guard it closer than my BANK ACCOUNT -- and it feels like there's less and less payoff.

I don't even understand why WoW still even HAS gold. It is mostly useless and only attracts gold farmers. Oh, you want a super cool weapon? YOU CAN'T BUY IT. You must get a group together and slay the same monsters over and over for hours until it randomly drops, then you all can fight each other for it. You want some cool item enhancements? YOU CAN'T BUY IT. You have to spend weeks doing daily quests to farm reputation until some virtual people trust you enough to trade you stuff for it.

If none of the good stuff in the game can be bought with gold, why do we still even have it in the game??

Anyway... Things are mostly good right now. Excited about PC upgrades and the new place!
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