Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

House Hunting

The house hunt is going well! Looked at some places last week, found a place I liked, and made an offer. Things bounced back and forth a little, but eventually it was accepted! So this week we will be trying to take care of the paperwork. Hopefully all that stuff and the loan will work out okay.

Tomorrow I need to get cashier checks for the deal. Also, I have been ordering computer parts lately to try to build a new desktop PC to replace my dead ones. The video card I want isn't in stock anywhere yet, so I managed to dig up an old (probably working) one to use in the meantime. That's exciting too!

I was able to find my Xbox 360 wireless adapter and get myself set up with a free trial of Netflix. So I should probably try that out. If the house thing works out, I should be able to move in around June 4th or so, so I'll be staying here about another month or so. There's no cable box for the TV in this guest room so having Netflix may be nice.
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