Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Everything's Bigger

It's been a pretty nice week down here in Texas! Luckily, work has been slow, allowing me time to look around a bit. Ever since my first night here, my sinuses have felt better thanks to the humidity! But I don't know if I've slept any better here. It just feels easier to breathe! I've also been wary of things getting too sticky from high humidity, but it doesn't seem so bad around here yet. And I keep reminding myself of the extreme of things being too dry...

My folks have been enjoying themselves down here! My mother's been busy playing with plants in the garden and my step-father's been wrestling with trying to clean the swimming pool. It really is a lot easier to grow plants here, of course. I bought my mother a bougainvillea and a Japanese maple for Mother's Day. I also got them a Blu-Ray player to go with their HDTV, sort of as a housewarming gift and also as something as a "thanks for letting me stay" thing.

I've been trying to check out houses in the area to see where I might like to stay. One place looked really promising, but was practically rotten on the inside. It was about 50 years old and looked like the carpet had never been changed. It smelled TERRIBLE and the carpet was so warped that it was too large and wrinkly in some areas and too short in others. It was a mess!! Another house I was interested in before moving down here suddenly seemed inaccessible, despite still technically being for sale... And the house I looked at last time still seemed excellent, except for feeling a bit too remote.

But I managed to check out a few places today that I really liked! I think I found one I may be ready to place an offer on. If things work out, it should make for a relatively low monthly payment (almost as low as my original monthly payment on my old place, before they discovered they goofed and left out a $300 monthly tax that we had to make up for). The house itself seems okay and roughly the same size as my old place. But the location is great -- it's in a seemingly nice neighborhood and very close to a huge cluster of shopping and food. It's about 15 minutes away from my folks' place, which seems neither too far nor too close. And the lot seems big enough for the projects I have planned!! So I'm kind of excited about it.

We'll see how things work out. But so far, in general, I'm liking things down here!

Also, it looks like my work has adjusted my paycheck for state income taxes here (which should be zero). So I'm getting about an extra $100 per paycheck it seems! That should come in handy since it looks like they will finally be able to offer me health insurance coverage again.
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