Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Chugging Along

Wednesday was such a nice spring day -- warm with a slight cool breeze. But Thursday it suddenly turned and got super windy! We had gusts in some areas of 70 MPH. It was so freezing cold... My step-father came to help me pack, and we started on Thursday, but the wind felt like it kept chipping away our life and we had to call it quits early.

Friday, the wind wasn't as bad... But then it started SNOWING. It was light at first, so subtle you wondered if you were seeing things, but before long it was full-on snow. I sure picked great days to move. We also had a lot of great distractions, with the buyers showing up saying "We're not rushing you" as they were rushing you, and they even had a satellite TV guy out there setting up a dish.

But we got done somehow! It took longer than I thought, but we managed to get out by 4:47 or so. We started on our way, though since we had a late start we didn't get too far. We stayed the night in Santa Rosa, NM, and the only room we could get on the ground floor was a smoking room, which normally I can tolerate okay but the allergies and the weather and the stress all kinda got to me.

Not sure when we'll get to our destination since our vehicles can't go full speed, but I guess we have a long day of driving ahead...
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