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So the original plan was we'd wrap up the house deal this week Friday. So I'd sign the paperwork, pick up my rental truck, pack up and move. I had a U-Haul truck reservation for Friday. My step-father was driving up today in order to get here by Thursday so he could help me pack and move by Friday. But one thing threw everything up in the air and shattered all plans.

The appraisal. Everything was waiting on this. They said we'd receive the appraisal yesterday, but we went all day and didn't hear anything. So I got a call from my Realtor today saying that the appraisal DID come in, but the lender said they'd need an extra week to do paperwork now. So instead of wrapping things up this week Friday, it would have to wait until next week.

The Realtor wanted us to go through with the move as planned, but then I'd need to return next week to sign the paperwork. My step-father, who had started driving and was already on the way over here, wanted to hold off until next week and further wait ANOTHER week just to be extra double sure that the deal couldn't fall through again. In the end I think we ended up with this new plan:

So we'd try to wrap up the closing, signing, etc. on next week Thursday. Funding would take place Friday. So I'd know by Thursday if things were gonna work out or not, and my step-father could start heading over here Friday morning. I could pick up the truck Friday and either pack it that night with my step-father or start packing some things on my own. Then we'd head out Saturday... That's assuming everything else from this point on works out.

I called U-Haul to see if there'd be any extra cost for delaying the rental, and they said that it wouldn't. However, when I actually tried to do this, suddenly there was an issue. They said I was moving to an "end-of-month" weekend, when things will be busier and more expensive, from a non-end-of-month weekend, so it WOULD indeed cost more. Great!

I originally asked for a day off this Friday, but that will have to shift as well. My step-father is driving back home now.

Everything is such a headache. My step-father is also super worried that the deal will not go through still. I think he's worrying too much, but to be fair I can't say his concerns are unwarranted. It's just not the kind of thing I need to be hearing right now, after things were so close to wrapping up AND we got hit by this setback. And in any case, it's not as if there is anything I can do to help the situation...

So I am sitting tight for another week. I already packed up my pots and pans and stuff, knowing I'd be unable to cook for a while but figuring I would only have to put up with it until Friday this week. Now it's suddenly going to last a bit longer. I'm wondering if I should bust out the pans and start cooking again, or if I should instead just grab the rice cooker and pick up stuff I can subsist on so at least it won't just be tacos and quesadillas for a week.

The kicker is that my Realtor was pinning the blame for this massive delay on the buyer. Apparently they were sitting on some paperwork longer than they should've, which in turn delayed the appraiser, which is now delaying the lender, and has now delayed the entire deal. And there is still NOTHING GUARANTEED AT THIS POINT. Things could still fall apart anyway. Ugh.

Another side effect of everything is the fact I delayed making my house payment this month, since, you know, I was selling it. Now that things are being delayed this much, I don't know if I can put this off any longer. Debt collectors are already calling despite it not even being that late. I think they are just circling, looking for the first signs of a sniffle to begin licking their chops.

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