Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Ants in Pants

The pressure really seems to be coming down now. So close to the proposed close date for the deal on the house, and it's STILL not official yet since the one major roadblock left hasn't been cleared. Still waiting on the appraisal report, without which nothing can begin wrapping up. But at least we now have word we MAY get this tomorrow? I hope so... things are supposed to be done by Friday.

For some reason, lately I've felt like I really want to travel to a convention again, like PAX or an anime convention again. My two trips to Seattle last year were the lone bright spots in an otherwise craptacular year. But of course I have no idea what I'd be able to make at this point in time... A lot of time, money, and energy will go into settling into a new place. So maybe it's still too early to be thinking about such things... Maybe I should aim for something in 2011?

Most of the things in kitchen are now packed up... Not a whole lot left to pack...
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