Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Crazy Day

Errands today: get replacement screws and washers for the swing set that I'm planning to sell with the house; pick up another set of materials to pack up dishes.

The day started out pretty nice and sunny, which was a nice change of pace, but it seems the entire rest of the neighborhood decided to take advantage of it. The house across the street set up a basketball hoop in the middle of the street, and you know, I'm sure Michelle Obama would be happy to see this, but it was driving me nuts! They crammed our houses really close together around here, which is annoying already, but the whole day while I was trying to take care of things around the house, I just kept hearing a constant stream of BDOMPF... BDOMPF... BDOMPF... all day long. I'm not sure WHY it was bugging me so much... but I wonder why nobody ever uses the actual basketball courts in the park that's a two-minute walk away.

In the middle of the day, though, it suddenly got extremely cloudy and soon got stormy. Kind of bad timing since I did some work outside that needed to dry...

Tried to continue packing, then I realized some boxes I had in the garage were in really bad shape and might not survive the move. They were things I salvaged from my father's old home in Hawaii, and FedExed to myself here. They really got beat up in transit!! So I tried moving them to fresh new boxes, and I found some old photo albums in the process. I really thought they had all been destroyed by bug spray... It was interesting to see what the old house used to look like nearly 30 years ago. Things sure changed quickly...

I think I managed to set up the moving truck for this week, though, assuming everything goes as planned... I'm going to get a Uhaul truck to tow my vehicle. My step-father's going to come up to help me get packed. My mother seems kind of paranoid about me driving for some reason, so my step-father may end up driving the moving truck and I'll take his vehicle down. I got maximum coverage insurance just in case... It's going to be a hefty chunk of change, but it's cheaper than hiring movers and I'd feel much better this way.

So things are moving along! I realized I can't just sit around and wait for things to become official before setting things up... This is taking way too long and I'd have no time left by the time we finally hear word about the appraisal.
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