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So I saw Kick-Ass today and it was awesome! I was sort of interested in it before, but grew more interested the more I learned how wrong my initial impressions of it were. Call me stupid, but I wasn't familiar with the source material, so I didn't realize it'd be more of a dark and violent affair than a teen superhero version of Date Night.

What first caught my attention online was people saying, "OMG ULTRA VIOLENCE! OMG THE MOST FOUL-MOUTHED CUSSING CHILD EVER!" I felt both were blown out of proportion, but maybe these were also people who had only seen trailers and weren't quite aware what they were in for.

House stuff! Things still aren't officially official, but I have to prepare under the assumption they are. If things work out like they should, I'll be out of here really soon, so I need to finish up packing. I feel like I'm just about done... It's hard to believe everything is stowed away in boxes again.

Pretty soon I will need to focus on finding a new place... My folks are trying to help me research potential locations, which helps take a bit of load off my shoulders, but sometimes it feels like they're a little too excited and it's almost like they're shopping for a new place for themselves... Although they do love their current new place, I don't want to rush in like they did and regret not looking at another place just down the street. I tried to warn them!

Also, the koi seem to have been spawning since yesterday!
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