Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Sunday and Monday were the worst day for feet, but after that, it seemed like I was able to limp around again! Being able to actually walk is just so amazing somehow. Even though it's still painful, just being able to get around is so great. For a while I really just had to crawl, hop around on one foot, or try to haul myself around. I used a step ladder as a makeshift walker for a bit.

Since regaining the ability to walk, though, recovery has felt pretty slow. Just because I can get around now doesn't mean I don't need to give it more rest, I know... But things around the house require attention so I can't just lie in bed all day.

Speaking of, house things seem to be going well! Finally had the appraiser come by yesterday, for a whole ten minutes. Money well spent...?

Work has been a major pain this week, though... But ugh, at least the week is almost over.
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