Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

Bad Feet

Yesterday was kind of a bad day! I went out on a long Pokewalk but then twisted my ankle. Everyone asks "How?" and I'm not sure there are so many ways to twist one's ankles, but in my case my right foot fell into a conveniently-placed foot-shaped hole.

It didn't seem so bad to walk on... until I tried walking back home and realized it was a couple miles uphill. Gaaah. It felt really bad, but at least it doesn't look like there is bruising or swelling of any sort. It doesn't feel so bad except I really cannot seem to walk on it! Since I got back home, I've been sort of hobbling about, hopping on one foot and just hanging from countertops and handrails.

NOT real sure what to do since house stuff may be wrapping up in a week or two. How am I supposed to finish packing and moving...?

At least the one thing I can still do in this state is play video games... So as not to let the 15,000 steps I accumulated yesterday go to waste, I tried catching Pokemon in the Pokewalker. And I got a Pikachu that knows Fly! So it wasn't all bad...?

Also genyloser and I have been playing some multiplayer Borderlands on 360! Multiplayer has been a lot more fun than single player so far. It's too bad we don't have more friends to play with on the 360 version...
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