Shinkuu (shinkuu) wrote,

WoW Rage

So this left me wondering why I still play World of Warcraft, as infrequently as I do.

I think the last time I played was somewhere around February, when the Lunar Festival event was going on. I remember that's when I stopped because all my decent gaming PCs quit around that time and so I was unable to get all the achievements for that holiday. The video card died in one PC and the power supply quit in the other. But, you know, I still have THIS laptop which sort of plays WoW... as long as I only try to access areas from the original game and not any of the expansions (believe me, I've tried, and it wasn't pretty).

And I found my account apparently hacked. AGAIN.

The last time was years and years ago, I think before the first expansion even came out. At home, I felt like I never had time to play... Cooking to do, dishes to clean. Just chores, chores, chores. So I went on a business trip and finally felt like I had some free time to play for once, and so I found an Internet cafe and played with friends a bit.

But then I returned home and was out of time to play again. Months passed, and that's when I think the first expansion was about to come out, and I suddenly wanted to play again, except my account was banned. After sorting things out, it seemed apparent that there was probably a keylogger or something in that Internet cafe (isn't it telling when they had my credit card info, but they skipped that and went straight for the WoW account instead?). It was a long, arduous process to get my account restored (unfortunately I didn't think of lying, "I'm an asshole who works for Kotaku! BOW TO ME" to get things instantly restored).

So of course I've been paranoid since then... I never EVER played or even logged into the website at a public terminal or on a network outside of home. And I may not have, like, atomic security, but things should be secure enough to keep out casual hackers that aren't specifically out to get me... And the computers I use to log on to WoW are mostly out of commission right now anyway!! And I've stopped playing WoW for MONTHS at a time before, so why now...? Either they had my info long ago and were biding their time, or they just nabbed my info recently...

Well, things are in the process of being restored right now. I got an e-mail reporting all my items that were restored (essentially un-deleted). And apparently they also used my character to get into the guild bank and wipe that clean as well...

Here's the best part! So Blizzard now has these "authenticator" things. You can either buy a dongle-thing or download a free app for your Super Expensive Cell Phone. It essentially gives you a BONUS PASSWORD that you enter in addition to your username and regular password. Insane. I never had one before, and when I tried to log on today, I found that WHOEVER HACKED MY ACCOUNT USED HIS OWN AUTHENTICATOR TO KEEP ME OUT OF MY OWN ACCOUNT. It is so maddening and so insane. I can't even... argh.

Is it possible whoever hacked it the first time still had my account info? I didn't think so, but maybe it's a possibility... But another thing Blizzard did was switch everything to "Battle.Net", so it's essentially a new account login you use for WoW. So I'm not sure if that's even a possibility...

Ugh, I'm so upset about this whole thing. It's one thing when playing a game devolves into work... NOW JUST BEING ABLE TO START THE GAME IS WORK. I hate this I hate this I hate this. Why do I even play anymore? Why do I put up with this crap? Why does WoW have to be so popular to attract this kind of attention? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

Do I still even want to play this game? Most of my friends aren't even doing the same level of stuff in the game that I am. I'd like to play with them anyhow but they don't seem to be playing right now anyway. I do have one friend I COULD try starting playing with, but my computers went kaput and THIS happened before we could even start. I'm just so mad. Sometimes I wish games never went online.
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