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Red Cliff

Saturday night, had a bunch of people over for Red Cliff movie night! Similar to Black Dynamite night when we had buckets of KFC and grape soda, this time we had some P.F. Chang's and I tried making a few things like fried rice. Food and movie and the night in general were all awesome! Always glad to have these movie nights with people!

Also I apparently won a small sweepstakes prize? I got a Fedex envelope on Friday saying I had won some sort of Microsoft contest and I got some MS points for my 360 and a 3-month Netflix subscription. I had to look up what the contest was and it looks like one of those things you enter by downloading free gamerpics on your 360. I actually won one of those!! I do try to download every free gamerpic in sight...

Haven't been doing much 360 playing lately, though. First I got hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 4 during the Texas trip, and when I got back from the Arizona trip I had Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver waiting for me. I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about these games until I actually started playing. I didn't realize they seriously would be like THE BEST POKEMON GAMES EVER. I didn't hold the original Gold and Silver as the best in the series like some Pokemon fans do, but these remakes really do everything right.

I didn't realize how much fun it'd be to have a Pokemon following behind you outside of its Pokeball. And the battle intro animations are actually NEAT like the original Crystal, and not those spastic movements we saw in Emerald. And wonder of wonders, they actually gave the games an optional AWESOME TOUCH-BASED INTERFACE that was so lacking in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Also, this little Pokewalker thing is really nifty!! I haven't really gotten out of my home for walks since Kato died, so this was probably a good thing for me...

Haven't had time for a whole lot lately, though... Still busy preparing and fussing over house stuff. Nothing is concrete yet so I feel weird about mentioning things (guess my folks' superstitions are rubbing off...). BUT I can say things are looking pretty good right now. Though that only gets me antsy about things like packing, moving, finding a new place, settling in, etc....
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