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After a really annoying weekend, I got my new cell phone on Monday. And it's so cool so far! I felt a little bad for splurging on it, but I also went ahead and ordered it before doing my budget, eheh. But since my old phone was dead, a new one was a necessity, and I seem to only get a new phone once every 3-5 years, so...

I SHOULD be getting my copy of FFXIII today, and hearing all the buzz about it (positive and negative) has kinda gotten me excited to play it. I haven't really been THAT into the FF series for a while... I loved it in the 2D days, and I played 7 to death in like two weeks, but after that my interest just steadily steadily declined. But I probably won't be playing it right away because...

Road trip! Will be driving down to visit dasie and redconverse should also be dropping by! With the hell that Saturday and Sunday were, I think taking Thursday and Friday off work is the only way to restore balance. Gonna be fun!!

So while I'm gone... My realtor will be bringing fellow realtors by to see the house tomorrow to get their feedback and whatnot (#1 response for every house ever: LOWER YOUR PRICE). And there will be open houses on the weekend. Time to lock up the liquor cabinet!! Since I haven't really seen any activity lately aside from someone stealing all the fliers and tossing them on the ground, hopefully this will give things a little boost.

And when I get home, Pokeymans should be waiting for me. Busy weekend!!
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