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So late last week, my phone was bugging out on me. And of course, after I placed an order for a new one, it started working again. But it already pulled this stunt Thursday so I KNOW it will be inoperable again soon. I don't know how long I've had this thing but it's years old. I remember being excited that this was my first phone that could take pictures.

I don't even remember ordering my new phone. I was trying to weigh options like... Should I order this online and wait for it to be delivered? Should I go straight to the store and buy one immediately even if it's not quite what I want? But then suddenly life just really pissed me off and the next thing I knew, I was holding my credit card and looking at an order confirmation. I honestly did zero thinking on that purchase and cannot really remember it. But I have shipping confirmation!

I guess just having everything else break down on me and having the phone follow up was not great timing. My PCs capable of playing games suddenly went out (not "gaming PCs", but "PCs capable of gaming")... But it wasn't so bad because, hey, I still have other stuff I can use, and I rarely play PC games anyway. If not for gifts from friends and the occasional WoW holiday, the last time I played a PC game was back in 2006 with Heroes V. But my cell phone is kinda important! Aside from not knowing anyone within walking distance anymore (now that my folks have moved), I need it for work (as much as I hate it), and now that MY house is up for sale, I need to keep in contact with my realtor.

I guess just losing my cell phone was enough to tip me over the edge. Work was also annoying. So a guy asked for a project and didn't test it for two months after he got it, and now he expects priority for new changes? And another client chooses to rage out in the last hour of the workday on FRIDAY? At least the client didn't rage out at me, personally, and none of her complaints were anything to do with out company. She was just venting about her OWN company. But it was one of those situations where it was like... So she wasn't bitching at me. She wasn't bitching ABOUT me. But everybody she bitched to just kind of passed it down the line until it felt that way. It didn't help that, by then, the bitching had branched off and multiplied so I was getting it from multiple angles even though, again -- it wasn't directed at me or about me.

I guess it's kind of like how I'm venting here now... If it also got copied to Twitter and Facebook status updates and e-mail spam and...

So I guess that's all... Work has been aggravating, and I'm working on stuff over the weekend. Cell phone is currently in some sort of undead state, but I should be getting a new one tomorrow. No news on the house front but it's not something I'm really thinking about at the moment. This has very much been an "I hate life" kind of weekend but I'm just trying to take things a little at a time.

Plus, I should be getting Final Fantasy XIII and Pokemons this week! I got "cheap bastard" shipping, though, so not sure when stuff will arrive. But I probably won't have much free time until they get here anyway.


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Mar. 15th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear work's been assy this week - hopefully venting here helped? And at least you'll have shiny new phone and games to play with soon?

Speaking of games, I have yet to play FFXIII (Heck, I have yet to set up the PS3 my mom got me for Xmas a few days before she passed. Might still be a while before I do that, though - I have to try to concentrate on immediate issues, so I've limited my gaming to occassional bouts on the DS or PSP.), but I HAVE heard the soundtrack thanks to this awesome, AWESOME mp3 torrents site (scroll to about halfway down the page), and the music is FANTASTIC - it's making me really want to play the game! (Not to mention get an actual physical copy of the soundtrack for my collection, too!) I suggest checking it out sometime, either from the download or from playing the game itself. :D
Mar. 15th, 2010 03:46 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think it's helped a little... I guess I'll really feel better once these projects are booted out of the way! But wow, cool to hear you're liking the music in FFXIII so much. Can't wait to try out the game and hear it myself!
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