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Selling a People House

Been rather busy this past week! So I've gone ahead with plans to sell the house. Been meeting with the realtor my folks used to sell theirs and I've been doing a lot of work to get the place in shape. I would devote an entire day to packing, then to pond and yard maintenance, then to clearing the garage and hauling things off for recycling... It feels like it's been nonstop action!

Today the realtor even came over to help me take care of a few miscellaneous projects. A few small patches needed some touch-up paint and cleaning... It's great to see he has an eye for detail when it comes to little things that may distract potential buyers. Some of the things I picked up from HGTV have actually paid off!

So, the house is officially going on the market tomorrow... I wonder how well it'll do. It's kind of weird to think that, in all likelihood, this won't be my place anymore in a little while. There is still that part of me that thinks, I still like this place. I still enjoy it and have fun here. But then... I can't count the number of times I've thought, "It would be nice if it were like this," or "This could be a bit better." And in the end, isn't that why I'm doing this? To move on to someplace that's a little closer to being exactly what I want?

I have found some places that have caught my eye... And in the area I'm looking at, it looks very easy to get more space for less money. I feel like I can take the experience I've had with this place and make the next even more enjoyable!

At first I was worried about how much I'd be losing by selling this place, considering this is a terrible market to sell in. But I was actually pleasantly surprised when I first met with the realtor to discuss the price... I told him what I was thinking of, which was admittedly a little high considering recent properties and sales, but he actually suggested I go HIGHER. It turned out that another property had recently come on the market at a price close to mine, but lacking the upgrades my place has! So the price he suggested... was actually the exact same list price I originally bought this place for.

Obviously it will sting a little to lose the money I spent on upgrades, and for the place to not have increased in value since I moved in, but I think it's awesome considering the current market situation. It was certainly better than I had expected! It seems like the market may be starting to turn around a bit for the better... My realtor seems really excited, so I feel confident about this!

So, I guess we will see what happens... It's a bit of a nerve-wracking time, being both physically and mentally draining, but it's also exciting. I hope things go well!
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