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So my folks sold their place here and bought a new place in Texas. They left Saturday morning and just got there today around 2pm local time! I haven't been saying a whole lot on it partly because things really did go super fast, and partly because my mother has this ancient Asian superstition that you can't talk about these things or the spell gets broken. But everything seems finalized now, so I guess it's okay? It was really like... the final paperwork for the NM house was done Thursday, the final paperwork for the TX house was done Friday, and the move was Saturday. Crazy!

They really love the new place. It's over 2000 sq. ft., so it's bigger than their old place, which they really wanted. It also has a lot about... two to three times bigger? So they have a nice size backyard, room for a storage shed (every house in Texas has one), and the old owners even built a small swimming pool. But although it's small, it's a good size for them, and actually seems like a top-of-the-line item! It's a saline pool with a fiber optic light installed for extra 'zaz. Also, the house is right near a lake... Seriously, in walking distance. While we were in TX, they just liked sitting out there feeding the geese, and I presume it'll be no different now that they live there.

It has been a little crazy the past several days. Since my folks were moving things out of their place, they needed a place to stay for a few nights. So they were in my guest room from Wednesday 'till Saturday morning. That first night I ordered us all pizza... The next night, their neighbors took them out to a going-away dinner... And Friday we finally tried out that restaurant, Jinja's Bar & Bistro, which I've been wanting to go to FOREVER but they've never agreed to (even when I was paying). Sure enough, they LOVED the place, though they actually probably liked it more than I did. On their last night in NM!

Friday night, I was also trying to fix up their computer that went kaput just before the Texas trip. It really was just the hard drive... I ordered a new one, and it arrived in time, but then I realized they had a key for Windows XP and I didn't have any XP discs left. Like... they kept disappearing at my folks' place. I would loan them a disc, and then my mother would pack it up in preparation for moving. This was happening as far back as a YEAR ago. So yeah, they'll start unpacking and uncover about 20 Windows XP discs.

So it was Friday and I was starting to panic. Even though they said it was no hurry, I still wanted to fix the computer so they could drive it down to TX... Rather than shipping it or driving it down myself. Who would have a spare XP disc? I even considered upgrading them to Windows 7, but of course a retail copy would be around $300 but an OEM copy would be closer to $100. Bleh. Luckily, I remembered a small mom 'n pop computer store I aways see commercials for... Sandia Computers with Guru Stu!! I couldn't believe it, but the guys there were able to burn me a copy of the install disc (WITH SERVICE PACK 3 EVEN) for free!! Man, those guys are nice. They also had a demo set up for this weird motion controller for PC...

Anyway, I was able to get things fixed up after all. I had a bit of trouble with broken floppy disk drives (because this is Windows XP and I had an SATA hard drive...), but in the end it was rather painless. Besides tearing apart old PCs trying to get a working floppy disk drive... And sure enough, their old OLD hard drive (with the data they may or may not want to back up) still functions. Yes, the old Gateway hard drive that originally came in it from... 10 years ago? Or more? But yeah, the new SATA hard drive I got them months ago is DEAD. Thanks a lot, Western Digital. Guess what company I'm never buying hard drives from again?

I also swapped my folks my LCD monitor for their old CRT. Man, I forgot how heavy and bulky these things were... I was planning to get myself a new monitor soon, but in the meantime I'm stuck with this horribly burnt-in CRT. Hope they enjoy their new setup!

This past week, I feel like I've been super busy but also not really sure what I've done. Since we got back from the trip, I helped my folks with some moving stuff, but not a whole lot since they hired movers and did a bunch on their own as well. I have been spending a lot of time, energy, and money trying to prettify the house for the mythical day when I decide to sell mine (which may come sooner than I think?).

Been trying to go crazy with house things without going crazy on the budget. That accent table I felt I always needed, new bed stuffs (thanks, JC Penny's sale), and a lot of candles and useless trinkets and potpourri (why is K-Mart so awesome for potpourri?). I feel like the place has really gone from "It could be worse" to "Not too bad" to "Hey, kinda swanky." My folks were really impressed!

Been trying to pack... I've been trying to put away non-essentials and make sure what I do have out is looking okay. I've also learned from prior moving experiences and trying to throw away/donate/sell stuff I don't want BEFORE I move. I think I've actually made huge progress and rid myself of a LOT of stuff, but still, much remains.

I haven't been doing a lot in video games lately! Of course, my most powerful PC had its graphics card die just before the TX trip. I could try to dig up the old graphics card it had and see if that worked out... But I thought, well, I am planning to build a new gaming-class rig soon. Not sure WHEN, but soon, haha. This could be a signal to try setting it up for Windows Home Server, but for now it's just unplugged and sitting around.

Last week I was trying to play WoW, just for the recent holiday event (Lunar New Year). Also, I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force 4 for PSP! On the trip I felt I needed some portable games and I've fallen back into YGO again. It feels a little weird, like... in order to play this game, you have to be a super YGO nerd, and that just makes it such a narrow subgroup of video game players that is its own little subgroup. I don't know what it is about YGO, but I always find myself totally engrossed in it after a long hiatus, no matter how strange or complex it gets, in a weird way that I haven't really gotten involved with any other card game, like Magic or whatever.

Even then, I feel like I haven't been playing a whole lot... The Pokemon Gold and Silver remakes are coming soon, and of course I have those preordered. I guess I should try to do more walking with that Pokewalker accessory... but I really don't leave the house that much. And I do have Final Fantasy XIII preordered as well... I remember being so into the Super NES games, and I played FF7 to heck, but after that it was hard for me to stay interested in the Final Fantasy series. FF13 does seem more interesting to me for some unfathomable reason, though, so I guess I'll see...

Tonight I had an awesome movie night with friends! I wish we could do this kind of thing more often. We watched Black Dynamite, which may be one of the most awesome movies ever. We also totally pigged out on KFC like you wouldn't believe. There is something strangely satisfying about chowing down on a mountain of fast food...
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