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Since returning from the trip, I still haven't been able to fall back into a normal sleep schedule... Even while on the trip I was waking up at odd hours then falling back asleep. I was wondering if all the car naps contributed to this, but now... hmm.

On Wednesday of the trip, we had lunch down in the Stockyards, which I guess was one of the touristy-type places with gift shops and such. I got my step-father a Stetson cowboy hat, which is something he's apparently been wanting for a long while and was one of his life goals. I think his father used to have one, a while back? The guy at the store even fitted the hat for him! He really seems to enjoy it.

At the gift shop for the Japanese botanical garden, I got myself some new Japanese style lamps... This weekend I've been trying to pick up a ton of things to prettify the house. I may not be a professional designer or anything, but I think things are looking a lot better already! Also trying to take care of little projects like replacing that wobbly toilet seat.

I ordered some parts to fix my folks' computer while on the trip, so hopefully they should be here soon. Also, I gave them my old LCD monitor since I was planning to get a new one soon. I wanted to get one that would be compatible with that Nvidia 3D Vision thing, even if I might not be using it right away, but the one I was interested in doesn't seem to be available yet. I'm glad the list of compatible monitors is growing steadily, though! Don't want to have to be stuck dropping tons of cash on Alienware.

Oh, also, eggs. They suck. I thought I only got hit with one the other day, but in the daylight I could see they pelted the entire side of the car with a handful of them. And some of the egg managed to work its way between the car door and the rest of the frame. Blegh!

Ugh, so tired. Hopefully will be able to fall back asleep.
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