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All Technology Will Fail

ARGH I've been away from LJ for a while. It was one of those "Oops, I can't view any more old entries in my Friends list view" events. Trying to figure out how I went from a time where I could not live without Internet to "WHY DOES SOCIAL MEDIA HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE".

Snowmageddon! We actually got a lot more snow here than usual, which of course still isn't a whole lot. But we had nearly two solid days of snow, falling at a fast enough rate to outpace the melting. Roads didn't quite get icy but it was enough to turn slushy at one point! There was enough snow for snowmen and snow bunnies.

Things around here have been kind of busy lately. Personally, I'm not doing a whole lot... But my folks are going total full-tilt boogie with the selling of their house and a potential new place in Texas. Nothing is really set in stone at this point, but it feels like my mother is acting that way. Next week is our family road trip vacation to Texas, and originally my folks were going to use the opportunity to look at prospective houses, but now they've sorta zeroed in on just one place.

It's like... If they COULD, my mother would have already bought the place outright, sight unseen, and would just use this vacation to move in. DONE. It's frustrating because I'm trying to talk some sense into them because that is essentially what they did when they bought their current place that they can't leave fast enough. I am afraid my mother will never learn and this process will just repeat itself every couple of years. Maybe next time it'll be a seller's market.

So even though this doesn't impact me directly, it is still easily sneaking its way into my life. My mother doesn't want her place cluttered with still while it's for sale, so it ends up in boxes in my garage. She doesn't want to mess up the kitchen by cooking, so they eat at my place. Someone's looking at their house, so they spend the day watching football here.

I mean, it's great to spend time with them once in a while... BUT THIS HOUSE STUFF IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. And it's also annoying that they never want to come over to my place any other time of the year ("Let's watch the Super Bowl! I got your favorite movie on Blu-Ray!"), but now it's their home away from home. It's just frustrating.

Anyway, yeah, ranting just before the trip is not a great sign, huh? But I'm looking forward to a road trip and seeing the things they liked so much about Texas but I never got to experience. Just have to cope with the crazies I guess.

Also, computers are dying!! I woke up to a terrible sound from the Media Center PC, and discovered something was up with the video card. The fan was making an ugly noise and it seemed it was not cooling the graphics card at all. The back, where normally scorching hot air flows out, was cool. So out it went... At least it seems like the computer itself is okay still, but this puts a damper on my Media Center and gaming activities for a while. Sure, I won't be home next week anyway, but it'll be waiting for me when I return...

And my folks' PC died. Man, I just built it for them a few months ago... It appears to be a hard drive issue. It had a new hard drive in there as the boot drive, plus a salvaged drive from their old computer. Suddenly, the new drive was no longer bootable. I tried putting it in my machines and it wouldn't even recognize it. It didn't even seem like it was spinning. So yeah, thanks Western Digital. I looked it up on NewEgg and it still had the 95% 5-star rating, but I found it amusing that now it suddenly has a solid string of 1-star "IT DIED!" reviews.

Aaaand their old drive is not bootable either somehow. The drive itself seems like it may be okay, but I wonder if there's an issue with the Windows installation on it. Guess we'll have that to deal with when we return too... I was thinking of just getting them a new hard drive and seeing if the old ones will work as slave drives again... Sigh. Why did I get them that drive and how did it end up being so crappy??

I've been going on for months about how I'm planning to build a new desktop and possible a WHS. Gosh, if my Media Center PC isn't begging to be converted into one... Well, I received my federal tax refund early, so it seems like a possibility, but I will need to wait until after the trip.

The refund was supposed to have come yesterday, but it was a full WEEK early!! How about that?

Aside from computers, it feels like everything else is dying. Cell phone is getting crappier and crappier (not necessarily the service, but the actual phone itself). Internet service is definitely sucking more and more.

So yeah... Leaving for Texas trip with folks tomorrow. Will try ordering new hard drive for folks' computer for when we return. Still planning for my own desktop parts...

Oh yeah, and I preordered my Pokemon Gold and Silver remakes. Hard to believe they're coming out so soon, just next month! And Final Fantasy XIII too. I guess I've been out of the loop in many things so stuff like this comes as more of a surprise.

So that's about it! Will try maybe tweeting or stuff while on trip. Assuming phone still lets me send texts.

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