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It's been kind of busy lately! Friday I finished up and filed my income taxes, so hopefully I'll get my refunds soon... Over the weekend I've been trying to take care of little home improvement projects. I spent most of Saturday trying to pick up some curtains or other sorts of window treatments. It took much longer than it should've since my mother wanted to tag along, but in the end it probably worked out for the best since I ended up getting something I might not have picked out on my own.

And so Sunday was spent installing the new curtains... And I think it looks pretty nice! I wanted something that would play well with the other colors in the room, and it would also help with the home theater setup since they'd block more light than the existing shades and help with sound dampening. I'm already seeing a MAJOR difference in how much light enters the room, so it should be great for saving energy in the summer too.

I used to think it wasn't worth making improvements to the place since I always thought, "Well, I may be moving again soon, so why invest in it?" But after watching a ton of HGTV lately, I've learned that making the right upgrades can make your place look awesome and more appealing to potential buyers, so even if there's not a major difference between your place and a comparable one, it may just give it that extra kick to turn things over in your favor.

That said, I still have no idea when I would try to sell my place... But making a few small improvements along the way is probably easier than trying to make a bunch of them all at once. Today I'm thinking of picking up a new comforter set for the master bedroom... There were just a few things with minor damage that could've been replaced, but I wasn't fond of the old set in the first place, so it may be time for a new look while I'm at it.

Lately been playing a lot of Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise that dasie was awesome enough to get for me! Also, ndoto and I have been trying to get back into Phantasy Star Universe on 360. It's weird to play again after not having played for so long... But a lot of it's coming back! As awesome as Phantasy Star Zero is, there's still some things I missed about PSU. We need to get that final achievement now that it's actually available to us!! But we need to do a bit of leveling up first.

It's hard to believe it's February already! In about two weeks my folks and I will be heading out on a little road trip to Texas. Hopefully the time will just fly by!
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