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So, a couple weeks back, my folks put their house back on the market again. My mother was working for months to get a nice new paint job done just about everywhere, and tidying the place up and such. She really, really wants to move out and find a new place as soon as possible... But although she realizes this isn't the best real estate market for sellers right now, she's really hesitant to take a big hit on the price.

So, good news! My folks actually got an offer on the house last night! Bad news... it was $20k less than their already-reduced price. They went lower than they did last year, which already wasn't exactly turning a profit.

The offer was around the price of some other houses in the neighborhood... But like my folks point out, their place isn't a foreclosure, they don't have any liens on it, they have a larger corner lot that cost more to start with, the yard is actually landscaped unlike 90% of the rest of the neighborhood, and the house had a lot of upgrades both purchased from the original builder and from work they've done themselves. When you look at it that way, you would naturally expect it to cost more than the questionable lots across the street... right?

But at least it shows they did the house right... A lot of people were wowed by it when they came to see it. And it was even enough to get an offer! And the asking price wasn't so high as to completely turn people off. But it really seems as if they're trying to game them, ignoring these objective features that edge out the competition and offering the same price as for a lesser property.

I mean, we all knew it'd be tough to get the price my folks were asking for. But this offer seemed like a real insult to them! And as BADLY as my mother wants to move, she says she's not that desperate... If you don't have any financial troubles, why take that big a loss?

In any case, it's nice to see that the place is already generating a lot more interest than last year, and it's already got an offer this soon (I think last year, there were no offers at all). But who knows how it'll go...

As I've mentioned, I'm also considering selling my place, but I'm also not in any big rush to do so, as much as I would LIKE to just pick up and go. Somehow I've found myself watching a ton of HGTV lately... I feel like I have a bunch of ideas now! I was hesitant to spend any more money on this place since I was considering moving, but it seems like making some small investments can make a big difference. And the house is already in great shape to begin with, so I have a head start...

I've got a list of small little things I'd like to get done around here in the months ahead. I started looking at new window treatments the other day, but I think I'll wait a little to get started.
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