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So I finally got caught up with the rest of the world in seeing Avatar, and it really was good! I mean, it's not the kind of movie where you walk out wondering what the ending meant or analyzing little details sprinkled about. But you know, for what it is --a mainstream good vs. evil, nature is awesome, romance & action flick-- it does what it does REALLY well.

And I am so glad I got to see it in 3D. This is easily the best 3D film I've seen so far. Other movies have done it well, but it feels like this movie does its absolute best to be subtle about it, to try to draw you into the scene rather than make it obvious you're looking at 3D. Well, unless the guy sitting next to you keeps going "WOW!" every five minutes...

It makes me wonder about how 3D will be done at home. It seems they are making a lot of progress towards delivering this modern 3D (as opposed to the old red-and-blue anaglyph 3D we all remember), but it seems like it will require a major investment for the consumer. Either you spend lots of money on high-end equipment capable of displaying this stuff, or you settle for the old-school stuff which is easy but looks terrible... It also makes me feel like a movie like Avatar will be released in dozens of different versions until home 3D becomes more commonplace.

It also feels like 3D is not an "all the time" thing. I sat through Avatar with no problems, but I feel like any longer and my eyes would've popped right out of my head. Am I just getting old?

I know they are working on so-called glassless 3D, but I still have way too many doubts about that. I feel like subjecting myself to wearing glasses is more preferable than having to sit in a particular exact sweet spot just to get the effect to work.

And oh, I finally got my reimbursement check from work on Thursday! It was a really neat surprise because they actually combined my trip expense report with my monthly cell phone bill expense report. I really didn't expect them to be smart like this and so it threw me off guard. Trying to resist every urge to spend it frivolously because there are so many things I need to save it for.

Feeling weird continues, though. Friday I felt really bad and achey and was developing a headache. Today I seemed fine, though! I really have no clue if I'm coming down with some kind of flu or something or if it is just the winter weather being cruel to my bones.
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