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I feel like I've been out of the loop the past couple of days. I'm not really sure what was up, but I guess I've been feeling a bit under the weather... Not really all-out sick, but just kind of unwell? I feel like I've been taking a nap almost every afternoon this week. I have tried catching up with entries here, though.

Friday I spent a lot of time trying to help a friend get an Xbox 360 on Xbox Live. A trivial task, one might think? But things were complicated by being unable to get conventional high-speed Internet and instead using satellite Internet. WOW how fun. I feel like I learned a lot in the process, though.

Normally you could just connect the 360 to an Internet-connected via an ethernet cable, then bridge the connections. However, the weird thing here is that hooking up to the satellite connection kind of... tricks the computer into thinking it's on a dial-up connection. And dial-up connections cannot be bridged with high-speed ones.

You can STILL have the 360 use the computer's connection, though... But for some reason this is a hundred times easier to set up in Windows XP and we had to deal with Windows Vista. Why Vista had to be so different in this one area, I don't know. But hey! Now I feel like I can get ANYONE connected to Xbox Live. Satellite, actual dial-up, XP, Vista, BRING IT ON.

I've also been thinking I need to look a little more seriously at building a new desktop PC. It seems like lately, I've been constantly invited to play PC games with friends, while I used to do almost zero PC gaming. It's fun playing with friends, but this is always tempered by the awkwardness of my computer setups. It just feels bad when a friend asks me to play something, and instead of thinking "Yeah!", my first thought instead is "Ugh, my computer is annoying..."

I don't think I can start ordering parts until late February. I have to save some money for the road trip with my folks. I'm telling myself I'll be more careful with my budget and try to spend less, but I also realize how hard it'll be to stick to this. Trips are always good for spending more money than you intended, PLUS I will be traveling with my mother. That's never good on my pocketbook.

But hey, maybe I'll do better than I think? And I should have a tax refund to look forward to as well. I've already gotten a few tax documents in the mail...

How old are these computers of mine? The newest one was probably built around 2005 or 2006. It's great they've all lasted this long, but it feels way past time for a new machine...
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