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Oh yeah, I forgot! I also had to book a hotel for my folks and myself. My folks were planning to head down to Texas to scope out houses in February, and I wanted to tag along this time to FINALLY see the Japanese garden they always talk about. Every time. They always say, "Oh, wish you could have seen it!" and when I asked to go, they always said "OH HELL NO." But this time I'm going! Finally!

So yeah. I think I'll be gone for the week of February 14-20. I haven't used a lot of vacation time at work lately, so this will be a nice break. And my holidays were really quiet, work-wise, so maybe this vacation will be okay too. At the very least, there should be other programmers at the office to handle projects in my stead.

Mmm. Barbecue and Japanese gardens. YUM CAN'T WAIT
Tags: trip
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